Venkat Charmalaya - Centre for advanced dermatology is a unique dermatology institute dedicated to delivery of world class advanced skin and cosmetic treatments tov all sections of patients. Contrary to the popular belief that skin departments and clinics are small units, the centre is housed in a specious independent building of over 4200 sq ft( with four floors), and provides advanced dermatology care, (such as phototherapy, including targeted phototherapy, dermatopathology, allergy etc) cosmetic dermatology procedures( such as Botox, fillers, peels etc) ,cosmetic surgery (such as hair transplantation, liposuction), lasers of different types, and aesthetics. The institute has Dr Venkataram Mysore and Dr Jayashree Venkataram as directors, four dermatologists, a plastic surgeons and anesthetist are consultants. Venkat Charmalaya is the only private non-medical college centre to be accredited to Rajeev Gandhi University in Dermatology.

Dr. Vani Yepuri

Dr. Vani Yepuri is a Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist in Venkat Charmalaya. She is an MBBS and Postgraduate in Dermatology (DDVL). She has also done a Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology from Venkat Charmalaya, Bangalore (FRGUHS). Dr. Vani Yepuri is experienced in the field of Laser treatments, Facial /Skin rejuvenation treatments and performing various other aesthetic procedures at the center.

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Specialised Treatment in Gynaecomastia(Male Breast)

Gynaecomastia or Male Breast enlargement is a common problem in Men. Gynaecomastia causes much social embarrassment, and psychological stress as these young men are not able to wear tight fitting dresses, visit public Gyms, Swimming pools, religious ceremonies which need disrobing of the upper clothes etc. Young men in hostels are often at the receiving end of jokes and ridicule. These people try to hide Gynaecomastia by wearing lose clothes, but severe grades are difficult to hide.

We have now procured a New Machine for Liposuction from Microair for smoother and faster extraction of fat. And Also now procured Fotona laser for laser lipolysis. It helps in speedy removal of fat and also tightening of Skin.

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