Excessive Hairs( hirsutism)-why?

It is important to note that all women have fine brown hairs called vellus hairs.These do not cause any cosmetic disability. When these vellus hairs get converted in to black, thick, terminal hairs it cause much embarrassment to a woman.

PCOD Polycystic Ovarian Disease

Methods of hair removal :


Recently in addition to laser,other light sources called intense pulse light has become available

Hair Structure

Hair Cycle

Melanin and Light Absorption

Hence laser hair removal needs multiple sessions

Do lasers cause permanent hair removal?

Are all lasers same?

Are there any side effects?

Will the hair grow again in future?

How many sessions are needed?

How to asses response?

How frequently do you have to come?

What are the post procedure instructions?

What is the cost?

Can laser hair removal be performed by technicians?

LHE Hair Removal

Soon After laser-note blanched hairs


After one session



After Four Sessions